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Winter Solstice

The Longest Night of the Year

December 21st
I particularly enjoy writing drabbles (100 words exactly), although I do occasionally write longer (and, believe it or not, shorter) pieces. I try to dabble in assorted fandoms, rather than throwing myself heart and soul into a single one, but it usually doesn't work.

I'm the mod for castlelostfound and the Haven Public Library.

I've posted everything I've written here in my journal, so you don't have to leave the building to read my fics if you don't want to.

All my stories are un-beta'd unless otherwise noted.

Feel free to browse through my journal; it's all neatly (and probably excessively) tagged. For other people's fics that I've enjoyed, check out my Memories. It's far from an exhaustive list of fics I think are good; it's more a list of fics that I remembered to add.

Friending Policy: Feel free to add me as a friend if you want to, no need to check with me first. I may or may not reciprocate depending on what phase the moon is in, or other such important factors.

Castle Mood Theme by the talented fbi_woman.

Obligatory disclaimer for all my stories, here and elsewhere:
The stories are mine, the rest belongs to the various people and corporate entities that own the original source material.