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Hear No Evil
This week's collection of thinky thoughts about "Speak No Evil", episode 5x02 of Haven, having first aired last Friday Thursday.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
This was really just part two of a two-part episode, so this seems a lot like a continuation of last week's thoughts. But on that note, really, who names two part episodes "See No Evil" and "Speak No Evil" and doesn't have a "Hear No Evil" episode? The (Verb) No Evil thing is a three-part thing, you can't just use 2/3 of it. (Grumps.)

So Jennifer's dead. Another spunky sidekick (around thirty, with dark hair) that didn't survive the season finale. I liked Jennifer. But then, I liked Claire and a lot of her predecessors too. I guess our main three aren't allowed to have any new playmates for more than a season.

I didn't catch the first time I watched this that Mara slammed Vickey's hand in the car door when Vickey was helping Nathan, and that's why she had to go to the hospital. Poor Vickey. I hope she'll still be able to draw; I liked the way she owned her Trouble.

Okay, now Dwight's Chief of Police and Leader of the Guard. Is he going to be King of Haven by the time this is all over?

Very, very interesting with Audrey still being "there" in Mara. And Mara apparently not hearing Audrey and Nathan's conversation.

I continue to like the way they're growing the various relationships in this show, like How Duke and Gloria are getting along when you'd never really expect them to.

Mmm, not very many opinions this time around.

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(Deleted comment)
Let me see if I can re-create the analysis I did once; it's not as one-sided you might think - or, the problem isn't one of who lives and who dies, it's who sticks around when there's Trouble.

The body count of characters that have appeared in more than one episode and then died and stayed dead:

Eleanor Carr
Evi Crocker
Claire Callahan
Jordan McKee
Jennifer Mason

Chief Wuornos
Reverend Driscoll
Tommy Bowen
Wade Crocker

Which gives us a score of five women to four men.

Add in the four "we have no idea if they're alive or not" characters:
James Cogan
Arla Cogan
Agent Howard

The score is actually at six women to seven men.

And that's not even accounting for the fact that in episodes where characters are dead but don't stay that way - "Audrey Parker's Day Off", "Magic Hour", and "The Trouble with Troubles", where ONLY recurring men are killed - no recurring women are killed.

If you want to look at it from the other side:

Surviving Women:
Audrey Paker
Jess Minion
Julia Carr
The Real Audrey Parker
Gloria Verrano

Surviving Men:
Nathan Wournos
Duke Crocker
Dave Teagues
Vince Teagues
Chris Brody
Dwight Hendrickson

There you have a score of five women to six men.

I think the real issue is not a matter of who died or who lived, it's a matter of the surviving men sticking around and the surviving women not. Looking at the list of survivors, of the women, only Audrey and Gloria have been in more than four episodes, and Gloria's a relative newcomer, where of the men, five of the six (everyone but Chris Brody) have been in (at a guess) at least twenty episodes, with Dwight being the newest, and he started in Season 2. Because of this, there tend to be more recurring male characters in any given episode than women.

(Deleted comment)
Also, your brain is scary.

Yeah, it is, sometimes. (Shrugs.)

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