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Drabble Master List
Doctor Who
Hi, I'm December 21st, and I write drabbles.

Rather a lot of them, actually. Fanfics of 100 words exactly, written for assorted fandoms. This is a master list of all the drabbles that I've written.

The list, complete with links to my journal entries, is right here in back and white. (Or, um, whatever colors you're using.) These are listed by fandom and (when applicable) challenge; if you're looking for other classifications, check out my journal tags.

If you're interested in writing drabbles, this sentence is a link to my journal entry for tips on getting your drabble to exactly 100 words.

There's nothing rated higher than PG-13, no slash, no incest, and no RPF. If you are concerned about the content you may encounter beyond that, each drabble has an information block with the usual warnings at the top.

Grand total of 236 drabbles.

Fandom: Castle (80 total)
1. “Breathe In, Breathe Out”
2. “The Little Match Girl”
3. “UST Cliché #2”
4. “Unwritten”
5. “Almost”
6. “Keep in Touch”
7. “Wake Up Call”
8. “Teacher's Pet”
9. “Starting Something”
10. “Waiting”
11. "At the End of the Day"
12. "Plus One"

Written for castle100
1. resolution: “Conflict of Interest”
2. memory: “Meatloaf”
3. book signing: “A Simple Plan”
4. fight: “Aftermath”
5. candlelight dinner: “The Date”
6. scavenger hunt: “The Game Is Afoot!”
7. domesticity: “Liar, Liar”
8. stalker: “The Price of Fame”
9. Father's Day: “Daddy's Little Girl”
10. heat wave: “The Long Summer”
11. revenge: “Helpful Hints”
12. wedding: “I Could Have Danced All Night”
13. snow: “Fair Fight”
14. beach: “Life's a Beach”
15. fireworks: “Mr. Blue Sky”
16. endings: “Retreat”
17. trick or treat: “By Any Other Name”
18. family: “Just Say Yes”
19. summer: “Read the Mind, See the Movie”
20. bath: “Scent of a Woman”
21. convention: “Traditional”
22. fear: “Drift”
23. comic-con: “Mighty”
24. celebration: “And Counting”
25. photo: “Scrapbook”
26. scarf: “Invaluable”
27. annoy: “Three Notes”
28. spring: “Kiss It Better”
29. ghost: “Rent Control”
30. explosion: “Apology”
31. water: “Heat Source”
32. water: “A Knight's Tale”
33. water: “Gentleman's Code”
34. surprise: “Scene of the Crime”
35. hospital: “Visitor's Hours”
36. smut: “Real / Not Real”
37. handcuffs: “Prepared”
38. red herrings: “And Then There Were Three”
39. anticipation: “Things To Come”
40. mistletoe: “Christmas Past”
41. hope: “Unrequited”
42. kiss: “Defenseless”
43. frozen: “The Story”
44. date: “Professional Expertise”
45. kidnapped: “The A in Team”
46. “Round Robin (Part 3)”
47. lost: “Asking for Directions”
48. “Round Robin (Part 14)”
49. lights: “Seeing Stars”

Written for castleland
1. “Dress for Success”
2. “It Starts”
3. “Damsel in Distress”
4. “Forever and a Day”
5. “Twenty Questions”
6. “Toy Story”
7. “Attack of the What, Now?”
8. “Belief System”
9. “Intimidation”
10. “Home for Christmas”
11. “Mistletoe”
12. “Solstice”
13. “Happy Ending”
14. “Inevitable”
15. “The Death of Sherlock Holmes”
16. “Scars”
17. “A Matter of Trust”
18. “Flowers for Another Grave”

Written for other prompts
1. fluff: “Fluff Piece”

Fandom: Doctor Who
1. “Memories of Someday”

Fandom: Fringe
1. “Not Dating”

Fandom: Fringe / Doctor Who / Lost
1. “Cracks”

Fandom: Haven (32 Total)
1. “Exit Strategy”
2. “The Sure Thing”
3. “Reminder”
4. “Not Romantic”
5. “After the Nightmare”
6. “Tea and Sympathy”
7. “Without Words”
8. “The Memory Thief”
9. “Professional Aptitude”
10. “41 Weeks”
11. “Constructive Criticism”
12. “Accidents Will Happen”

The Haven Post-Ep Collection
1. 1x01: “Here Comes the Rain Again”
2. 1x02: “And Dream of Sheep”
3. 1x03: “Three Men in a Boat”
4. 1x04: “Eulogy”
5. 1x05: “Family Tree”
6. 1x06: “The Zoo”
7. 1x07: “Never Again”
8. 1x08: “Living in the Dark”
9. 1x09: “After the Storm”
10. 1x10: “Town Limits”
11. 1x11: “Trial and Error”
12. 1x12: “Living Ghost”
13. 1x13: “Obituary”
14. 2x01: “Reading Is Fun(damental)”
15. 2x02: “Federal Oversight”
16. 2x03: “Off the Grid”
17. 2x04: “Eye to Eye”
18. 2x05: “Fight Practice”
19. 2x06: “Birthday Wish”
20. 2x07: “Unfinished Business”

Fandom: Lost
1. “Future Imperfect”

Fandom: Lost Girl
1. “No Littering”

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
1. “Breaking Tradition”
2. “Voice Mail”

Fandom: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
1. Chivalry

Fandom: The River
1. “Well, Shoot”

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis (13 total)
1. “Anniversaries” (My first fanfiction ever!)
2. “Waking” (A connected collection of 12 drabbles.)

Fandom: Supernatural (101 total)

Written for supernatural100 (82 total, 4 duplicate prompts)
1. pictures: “Click”
2. clothing: “The Laundromat”
3. Route 66: “Get Your Kicks”
5. dreams: “Comfort Food”
6. television: “Do As You’re Told”
9. pets: “A Boy and His Dog”
10. background/minor character: “The Secret”
11. rituals: “Sacrifice”
12. Mary Sue: “Green-Eyed Monster”
14. candy: “An Eye for an Eye…”
15. holidays: “White Christmas”
16. zombies: “Run!”
17. crossovers: “Living Legend”
18. plants: “Garden Pests”
19. turning point: “The Frog-Prince”
20. questions and answers: “Trivial Pursuit”
21. there and back again: “Family Reunion”
22. exits: “The Signpost Up Ahead”
23. expectations: “A Fraid of Ghosts”
25. moving: “The Book Club”
26. fathers and sons: “Like Father, Like Son”
28. drowning: “Army Man”
31. dialog only: “Frankenstein’s Theme”
32. firsts: “Innocent Tourist”
35. pain: "“Life Is Pain”
41. hearing: “Quiet Time”
42. sixth sense: “That's Entertainment”
43. fall: “The Fallen”
45. Halloween: “Labyrinth”
46. denial: "Waitress"
48. bargaining: “Let's Make a Deal”
49. depression: “In Dreams”
50. acceptance: “Companion”
51. trees: “Dendrophobia”
52. ornament: “The Christmas Tree”
54. presents: “It’s the Thought That Counts”
55. resolutions: “Resolution”
56. rain: “One Raindrop”
57. freedom: “The Visitors”
58. snow day: “Weatherman”
59. insomnia: “Perchance to Dream”
60. training: “Would You Like Bullets with That?”
61. possession: “Eviction Law”
62. cabin fever: “Still Standing”
63. awards: “Most Likely To …”
65. tests: “Vocabulary Lesson” (Also recorded as podfic)
67. spring: “The Hills Have Ears”
68. break: “Red Rover”
69. frequency: “Holiday Spirits”
70. alive: “The Cabin”
71. serenity: “Vacation Spot”
74. revenge: “Grandpa”
75. sanity: “Making Progress”
76. insanity: “True Lies”
77. blind: “The Barn”
78. prayer: “Faith and Fish”
80. sea change: “Not in Kansas”
81. independence: “What’s in a Name?”
82. home: “The Warehouse”
85. storm: “Three Witches”
86. monsters: “Family Values”
87. magic: “The Illusionist”
88. memory/memories: “The Burned Meal”
89. school: “The Assignment”
90. hero/heroes: “Portrait of a Hero”
99. bridge(s): “Gruff”
100. any previous challenge: “Headless”
106. anticipation: “Good Grief”
107. calm: “Kidnapped”
118. unexpected: "The Big Finale"
122. shattered: "Welcoming Committee"
123. black: "Men in Black"
124. grey: "Fifty-Seven Days"
125. red: "First Impressions"
126. green: "Self-Portrait"
127. blue: "Faded Blue"
128. yellow: "The Coward"
132. old: "Humdrum"
133. new: "Cold Feet"
136. destination: "Mass Transit"
139. cloud(s): "Second Date"
144. consequence(s): "Multiple Choice"

Written for 100_ghosts (21 total, 4 duplicate prompts)
(2008 prompts by week)
1. red: "First Impressions"
2. orange: "Honesty"
3. yellow: "The Coward"
4. green: "Self-Portrait"
5. blue: "Faded Blue"
6. indigo/violet: "Violet Watermelons"
8. it never rains but it pours: “Umbrella”
9. five by five: “Flagstaff”
10x. 'Pilot' coda: “Just a Minute”
11. curiousity killed the cat: “Instinct”
12. Star Motel: “The Star Motel”
13x. 'Dead in the Water' coda: “Drowning Lessons”
17. tilting at windmills: “The Hunter”
18. the writing is on the wall: “Follow Me”
21. happily ever after: “The Writer”
23. sex, lies and videotape: “Play It Again, Sam”
24. when hell freezes over: “Just Visiting”
26. king: “Lady of”
31. the long dark teatime of the soul: “The Mad Tea Party”
32. axe to grind: “Forty Whacks”
37. Heaven: “No Good Deed”

Written for other prompts (2 total)
1. Jo gets hit by a car: “Classic Cars”
2. Ruby (the first Ruby): “Hitchhiker”

Fandom: Warehouse 13
1. “Not a Lick of Sense”


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