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Welcome Back, Haven
So, Haven Season 5 is now off and running! And how weird is that to type - "Haven Season 5" - I never really thought we would get this far. Haven, how I've missed you.

To celebrate, I'm writing up a collection of my thoughts about the season 5 premiere, "See No Evil". If everything goes to plan, I'll continue celebrating all season long!

As you might expect from such a thing, there are spoilers.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
"That lighthouse just can't catch a break." Heh.

So, Mara's pretty nasty. I did feel that the only reason that she shot the barista was to prove to the viewers that Mara is bad news. She's not just Audrey with a 'tude, she's evil. And yet, even though Mara denies it, it's pretty clear that Audrey is in there somewhere - she may not be able to keep Mara from shooting Nathan, but she can keep her from killing him. I also love that Mara has access to all of her previous memories - I hope this means that we'll find out more about Audrey's and Haven's past, like her comments about Dwight's Trouble.

I had this idea last season - if (her) killing the one she loves will end the Troubles, and she's now Mara, and Mara loves William, will the Troubles end if Mara kills William?

Yay they brought Gloria back! Did anyone other than me think that Vickey (Gloria's assistant) really wouldn't mind taking on the job of being Baby Aaron's mom? Also, really grooved on how she has taken ownership of her Trouble.

I swear it was just a coincidence that I started my last fic with "Ta-dah!" and then Mara used that line too.

Okay, I get that Duke now has all the Troubles of Haven Past. But all at once, or one at a time? Is Duke going to be the Troubled Person of the Week for all of the Troubles of the Week this season? Do his eyes start bleeding every time he takes on a new Trouble, or was that only for the monkey trouble? And did the Trouble target its victims because they were exposed to Duke's blood? The monkey Trouble was creepy, BTW. I wish we'd seen a bit more of it.

You know, the timeline for this show drives me absolutely bananas. When Dwight said that Duke's grandfather was the prime suspect in a murder in 1929, he must've meant great-grandfather. Because we saw Duke's grandfather in 1954, there's no way he would have been old enough to be a farmhand or a murder suspect in 1929. And the last three episodes (including this one) have all taken place on the same day. I think that it means that it's still 2011 in Haven.

I particulary enjoyed Nathan throwing the line "Why do you think I'm going to answer any of your questions?" back at Mara.

So, who gets the "most beat up on" award this week? Dwight, for getting shot three times (but in a bulletproof vest) and tasered twice in the same encounter, or Nathan for getting beaten up twice and shot once (without a vest) in two different encounters?

Do you all know about Haven: Origins? Short "webisodes" (well, just one so far) that take place in Haven's past, about two minutes, depicting stuff that happened in Haven's history. And the first one is titled "Witches - Part 1", which to me implies that there will be more than one story. You can find them (it) on and and a few other places around the web. And it makes me wonder if the theme of the season is going to be 'Haven's Past', now that we have both these webisodes and Mara wandering around with memories of Haven's past.

The teaser for "coming this season on Haven" was very tantalizing. I am officially psyched.

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Hmm, interesting thought about Mara killing William. I do hope we see more of him...

Loved Nathan throwing Mara's words back at him!</p>

I didn't know about the origins shorts, but I'm excited to hear about them! Thank you!

(We were away for a few days, so I haven't seen ep 2 yet, but will be back to read your post about it after I have.)

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